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About us

Hello there, guys! Our names are Alex and Dali. It is a privilege that you are contemplating our craft for capturing one of the most important days of your lives.

Since our first date, we both expressed an interest in photography.  We both used photography to distract our minds and connect with one another. After some time, we chose to study a career in Professional Photography in college. Since then we’ve kept our education up to date by learning with incredible photographers like Victor Lax, Jerry Ghionis, Twomann Studios, and Christian Cardona.

Alex & Dali in Barbados

Our Values

We believe that life is meant to be an exciting adventure. One that is centered on something bigger than ourselves and is meant to be shared with others. Every day, we are grateful to be able to do what we love. Making a difference in people’s lives through art and craft. Our love of storytelling is at the heart of each of our photographs, which reflect who we are and what we value.

Photographers from San Juan Puerto Rico - Alex Dali Weddings

Our Inspiration

Life with our Princess Amaiah. We treasure life, love, and one of a kind memories we’ve been given. It’s an indescribable happiness that will shine through our work.

Alex & Dali Inspiration



In each of our weddings, we work as a team to make every emotion and unforgettable moment count.