Top Locations for your Photography Session in Puerto Rico


El Morro became a six-level fortress designed to protect the island from attackers approaching by the sea in the past. Now El Morro has become a popular place for families and couples visiting our island. This is one of the favorite places of our couples, especially those who visit us on a cruise or for marriage proposals because they want to take something that represents our island in each photo, including the stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean that connects with the blue sky.

To take professional photos in this location, your photographer must have some permits, because this place belongs to National Park Services, but don’t worry; we have the required permits. Whatever your plan, El Morro is the perfect setting to take Puerto Rico with you in your photographs.


One place we love is Old San Juan. Its picturesque houses, Spanish colonial architecture, Caribbean cuisine, and its cobbled streets give you a trip to the past of our Isla del Encanto. Our tour with couples is based on the experience of portraying in iconic places while creating unique photos highlighting the personality of each couple.


Hacienda Siesta Alegre has become our favorite wedding venue. This beautiful wedding venue has a Spanish colonial style and breathtaking views of the El Yunque tropical forest mountain range. A wonderful place that many couples choose to perform their wedding, love story session, or their marriage proposal in our beautiful Puerto Rico.


A Japanese garden is a magical place, with Bonsai, bridges over lakes, and a gazebo with Japanese architectures. The place gives you a sense of deep peace and has a beautiful view of the Cruceta del Vigia and the Serralles Castle in Ponce.


To the northwest of Puerto Rico, we have a hotel with the most beautiful views of the Atlantic. A beautiful landscape, enviable Caribbean sunsets, and lush greenery that will make you connect with nature. In this place, you will find peace, either on the beach or on their golf courses.


This luxury hotel, located at Rio Grande, is a favorite destination for marriage proposals, as it is excellent for stays with the love of your life. It has beautiful gardens, beaches and beautiful spaces for photos.


A good place for photos in Isabela is this. It has a diversity of places for photos. Beach, palms, greenery, grassland, rocks, and the structure of the tunnel. A very versatile location.


This natural treasure is an excellent destination if you want to be immersed in nature. You can visit for a hike on one of its many trails, bathe in natural pools beneath waterfalls, or just relax and enjoy the scenery. The lush green sky and mountains will make the photos tropical and colorful.


If you are a foodie couple and love to taste the gastronomy of the places travel to, you will love this place. They are kiosks with fried foods that represent us as Puerto Ricans. So an engagement session here is something different. The kiosks are close to the sea, so I imagine you with a coconut in hand, some bacalaitos, alcapurrias, and with the love of your life while we take pictures.


Did you know that the famous pina colada drink was invented in this hotel? This hotel is a beautiful place for photos. It has a beach, gardens, view of El Fortín San Gerónimo, a beautiful mural made by David Zayas, and some beautiful sculptures.


If it is about the Southwest, we have to talk about the Lighthouse in Cabo Rojo. In addition to the Lighthouse, it has spectacular views with cliffs, huge rocks, paths to the stone bridge, grassland, cactus, and nearby has Playa Sucia, one of the favorite beaches in Cabo Rojo.

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